Wednesday 22 October 2008

i think am movin through men a bit fast... really, u hav no idea hw fast u'll get tired f a guy... i smetyms use 2 wonder wt kind f a girl am i....... but soon reassure myself ' no babe! u r just a teenager... yet 2 meet ur real guy'........ sigh! better

Friday 28 March 2008

a forgotten story!

hello.. back again.... ok? ryt. what's it this tym.. i got a call frm one of my oldest classmates. ie, 4th std mate. hmm...i had a special affection 4 him. yeah! may be becoz ma young bro nd his sis were too classmates nd our famlies kept a very fyn relationship.. nd so on. anyway i can still remember sme silly fyts i did 4 him as the other guys teased him. i was a tomboy those days.. he was really shy nd that really made things cute. he was very fair nd cute nd much more girly than i was. well, our childhood went fyn.. just fyn. i feel now, as i think back, i must've had a crush, a very mild crush 4 him.. but that was b4 i change my school.. well, only after i change my school did i found out that there are guys cooler nd cuter than arun.
after 4th we changed to diff schools. still, we played 2gether. hmm... nd as i got admission in the recidential thing, we cud meet only during vacations. i used 2 talk alot. but after reaching 8th std only i found out ithat i am a girl. well, the shyness of growing up startd eating me nd so we stopped seeing each other even during vacations. but i cant remember if i had anymore soft spot 4 him by those tyms... well, after reaching 10th only did someone really proposed me! sruthins must be the first real feeling. well, i didnt take it serious then coz i lyked him better as my good frnd. well, during that summer vacation i told arun the thing. mind it, he started telling me the stories of his girlfrnds!!!
we cud not meet after that for 2 yrs i think. then we met after 12th class. he got his eng admission by then. that was a very brief meeting. just.... official enquiries...
we met again last week during a frnd's marriage reception function. had no tym 2 talk. well, i did not let him talk as i kept on talking. ma bro nd his sis is now in 10th std. chicku, ma bro, is in my recidential school. i was told that his mother got transfered 2 another place nd so they will leave the place as soon as she finish her xams. so we xchanged the mob no.
i never xpected him to call. well, he did nd that was not so fyn. it was a very uncomfortable confession. he told me how he loved me wen we were kids nd how he still loves me.... god! i was doing fyn here with all my other boyfrnds. god! i had 2 be rude.
i am feeling really sorry 4 him now.... really! but how can he possibly xpect me 2 carry on my crush for 10 yrs!!!!!!!!!1 i mean, cme on, i was a kid then!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 18 March 2008


the major part of my 18yr long lyf .ie, 7 long years were spent in ma boarding school... i got admission there @ the age of 10! oh! so did all my fellow mates.. at first say, for the 1st 3 yrs, lyf seemed all tough. but later i learned 2 live that lyf.
my school was so... big that i thought it never saw our little worries nd tears. and teachers... i confess i still think if the authorities were kind enough 2 sack some of the teachers, lyf in there wud've been more beautiful!
the 1st 3 yrs went with tears of homesickness nd lost feelings... and i think wen i reached 8th std only we dared 2 BREAK THE RULES! oh! yeah... i still cherish those small n big adventures...lyk midnyt raids in school orchads, conducting prohibited midnyt parties, midnyt visits, bunking physical training sessions, skipping punishments nd impositions etc.. oh! really, then these were the real adventures.. cant remember how we did it, but we used 2 break such rules right under the big noses of teachers nd even the vice principal! no, u wont get its dangers involved... we cud get punished 4 even being rude 2 teachers... they used 2 punish us in such a way that the memmories never left us physically or mentally... i can still show u the pinch marks in ma skin..
but may be because of such cruelties we made it always sure we create a new problem every now nd then...
well, upto 8th grade ma lyf was lyk this. nd i think it was after the summer vacation that we noticed our skirts were no longer covering our knees! well..... CHANGES!!! both physical nd mental... oh! the great tym of crushes nd doubts... i think it was then we noticed the boys who wrer sharing our very classes are cute or handsome ( though, they took one more yr 2 realise this nd 2 notice the girls) oh! really, it was a tym.... as if all of a sudden the world became beautiful 4 us! and we all took our tym to woner about each of us's beauty... we spent the nyts discussing about hw 2 get rid of pimples, dandruff etc..nd wrer lost in talks... meanwhile, these tyms were the toughest tyms 4 teachers...well, they face the same problem with every obviously hey were well prepared 4 our btch too. they became sooo.... vigilant that it resulted in minor warnings, suspensions etc. so i think some of the minor incidents nd some major accidents helped in finishing some crushes be4 they were even born! and some, obviously, either died or hidden deep in little hearts, and never realised, as a result!i was not shocked , if 2 say truth, wen one of ma classmate confessed me that he had a crush upon me at the school tyms... i just said, "well, even i had the same feeling 4 u too" nd we laughed..... still, i felt a pain somewhere.... it was actually a feeling of LOST!!!
now, i am in college. all those things that were denied or prohibited 2 us is now available at my finger tips... still, i dont feel lyk enjoing them... i think this must be the same with my old mates..... nd sme really told me! why now? i dont get it.... wen we were all there, we used 2 discuss energeticaly about the freedom awiting us in college lyf. what for, even we made it promise each other we all will have crushes nd will declare them... me, jhan, divi, sree, vini.....
i dont know about others.. but am sure now i really miss my school.... oh! so do the others... i know without them telling me... well, wen we were parting, we use 2 tell each other,"what 4 u r crying? u r gonna step out 2 the much better world outside" but still we all knew deep....somewhere.... that lyf wud never be the same... LOST!!!

Monday 10 March 2008

phew! we did it! at last!

a very beautiful sunday yesterday really was! i mean, we've been sitting very idle for days,ryt? oh1 all those political issues nd killings.... no college, no schools, no work to do!! it was boring lyk hell... i thought, i wud die of boredom. no, really!then, VIN suggested it..... hey, lets make chicken curry 2day!!!!! wow! hmmm... i know wt u must be thinking... "BIG DEAL!", RYT? hey, u wont understand... that was a particularly big adventure in my lyf! man, me cooking? well, we did it!!! i mean, i did the cutting-chopping part... easy! her's was the toughest task... pouring-mixing part. curry was ready within 2 hrs! 'my1 it was that easy! nd the naming part... i give full credit 2 VIN...we had 2 check so many recipe's.. chicken chinthamany... chicken vinthalu..fry...ooops! it was taking tym! at last' we made none but ours!!! nd 'CHICKEN CHINTHAALU' was born!!!(hmmm......... one day world will celebrate this day, am sure!)
it was 2 no extent... i was so excited that soon after we had lunch, i called SOO nd gave a full account of what we did!9 i mean, he was teasing me ystrday over cooking,ryt?) well, he didnt believe me at first...(xpected!) but DAD was so excited wen i told him. he told me he'll makeit sure that all ma cousins know it!
and later in the eve we made noodles. hmm..thats no big deal, i admit. but the BLUNDERFUL TRIAL we took was the real fun!! oh! well, it was my mistake! but i didnt ask her 2 pour ghee be4 adding water! i mean, i was wondering loudly which shall be added first nd VIN did it! well, as a result, i had 2 add water 2 it!!!!!!!!! and the result..... well, a BLAST! what else?
well, but that was just an addition 2 fun of the day......... we did WET the garden, as per her moms request, which was, exactly nothing other than drenching eah other...and wen we looked around, we realised that we r HOME ALONE! nd what more? we dint spoil it. ie, we BATHED TOGETHER! i mean, it was a beautiful dream that we thought we'd nvr realise, ryt? wow! the fun... we laughed more than we did the entire week!!!!!!!! nd there went A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY!